Drag Makeup
In today’s class we did a bit of baking, and not the kind you’re thinking of! Today we got the pleasure of painting male faces and I think I speak for everyone when I say we were all really excited for this class. I would go as far as saying that I’ve been waiting all year for it. Lol!       
Drag makeup is an art form and if you’re a big fan of Rupaul then you know what I’m talking about. Drag is when males dress up as females and perform on stage. As well as glamourous dresses and big wigs, makeup is only a small percentage of what they do to prep for big shows. That doesn’t mean its not as important! For a precise brow, some of them actually shave off the majority of their brows. In class today, we used pritt stick and lots of heavy concealer to block them. As if we would expect our male models to shave them off! The eyes are usually full of glitter and eyeliner and their lashes are so big you could probably take off! As for the face this is where the baking comes in. Heavy coverage foundation is applied and concealer on top setting it with loose powder and letting it “bake”. Strong contour, big lips and blinding highlighter and you’re set to go but don’t let my brief description fool you. There is so much more in between with fine detail and the eyes take so long but I’m not complaining because I loved every single minute of doing it. Melissa gave us a step by step tutorial on how to do each part and of course helped us through out the day.
To learn more on drag itself I would definitely recommend watching Rupaul’s Drag Race. It’s a fantastic show that’s full of makeup, creativity and lots and lots of shade. Lol! I really enjoyed today’s class and its only made me want to practise more because I had so much fun doing it. My model Shane also had a dress, bra, bra fillers and high heels and I provided the wig and it was just so amazing watching the transformation. He was such a fantastic model.
Next week we’re doing current makeup looks and I’ve chosen to recreate a “Mmmmitchell” look. His looks are so amazing and so full of glam, so I can’t wait for that. 

That’s it for this week.
Lisa xx

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