Today’s class consisted of heavy liner and pale lips! For our portfolio we must create a look from the 1960’s, research the era while also providing pictures of both female and male makeup and fashion on a mood board. We already had these done for today to give us an indication of what we were going to do for the class. There were 3 distinct looks from the 1960’s, the mod, the classic and the hippy. The mod looked quirkier and fun, so I decided to go with that.

Melissa began the class with a demo and she created a look that reflects the 1960’s but she also put her own twist on it. She created a cut crease which in my opinion is hard enough to do on myself let alone anybody else, but she gave me great assurance and off we went.

For the 1960’s mod look I wanted to add something unusual but funky to really emphasis my look. When I did my research, I noticed a lot of mad earrings and amazing designs. I also really wanted to create a Twiggy look (a supermodel from that era). So, I found some white curtain rings and put some wire on them to create the earring part and then added a yellow triangle to the bottom of the curtain ring. I love improvising for these looks. The look itself was intricate as the focus was the heavy liner on the eyes. I found the liner great to do on someone else as I had Melissa there by my side to help me if I needed it. Of course, practise makes perfect! I feel I learned a lot from todays class because the look was very in detail which was great for us. Next week is 80’s and this is definitely an era in which we can go mad on. I’m really looking forward to that.

That’s it for this week.

Lisa xx

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