For today’s class we concentrated on contouring. We used the makeup that is done on Kim Kardashian as inspiration. We each had a mood board, face chart and research prepared for today’s class to have an idea of what we wanted to do and as well as the contouring. Kim Kardashian had very dewy, glow looking skin, but you can tell a lot of work went into it.   


So, Melissa started us off as usual and done a demo on the lovely Hazel. What I loved about the makeup that Melissa done today was that the eyeshadows and where she put them and they way that she blended them really suited Hazel’s eye shape. The colours were fab also! She really went into detail on the cream contouring on Hazel’s face. Personally, I don’t use cream contour, I prefer powder contour just because of the finish of it but obviously its good to know the two! We then got to practise on each other and I really enjoyed focusing on the face more because I love working on the eyes. I was really happy with the outcome of my makeup look today and everyone else’s came out so amazing too.! We then went through some theory with Melissa on the bones and the muscles because we have a test next Monday on its study study study for the next week!! Next week we’re doing black & white photographic makeup so that can be very catwalk like so I’m looking forward to that. As always ill leave pictures from today’s class down below.

That it for this week.

Lisa xx

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