For today’s class we had to create an elderly character using all makeup instead of prosthetics. This was a great class because we got to learn how to draw the fine lines and wrinkles instead of how you would do it with prosthetics. We each had our own ideas and props of how we wanted our own looks to turn out. It consists of a lot of messy contouring and not too much blending.                                                               

(demo by Melissa Clarke) 

Melissa started us off with a demo showing us how to go about creating an elderly character. She went into great detail on the face drawing on little fine lines, curves and shading to really make the face drawn out. We then each got to have a go ourselves and I really enjoyed it. It was great to see everything come together even the smallest detail made such a difference. When I first started off I was contouring her face and out of habit I almost had it too perfect if that makes sense. Lol. I had to go a bit harsher with my shading and I really feel like that made all the difference. What really made everyone’s look was applying white face paint or gel liner to the eyebrows and eyelashes. It gave the appearance of grey hair and with applying dry shampoo also enhanced the look. The props really made the look pop such as headscarf’s and glasses. I put in some rollers on top also as if she was curling her hair with the headscarf on top. I was really happy with how the look turned out and everyone else’s turned out amazing as well. Next week we’re focusing on contouring and we’re using Kim Kardashian as inspiration so that will be a lot of fun.

That’s it for this week.

Lisa. Xx

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