In today’s class we had the wonderful opportunity of working with bald caps. I was so excited when Julie informed us of the great news. I was so curious to see the work involved in how to apply them and how to cover up or seal any of the lines around the head. So to start off we paired up and looked at a few of Julie’s magazines to get some inspiration. I always like to keep a reference picture with me while doing a look to give me a good idea of what I’m going to do. We also looked on google, Pinterest and hashtags on Instagram. I find these great sites to find some cool inspirational pictures on. There are some exceptionally talented people out there. Some of the girls also took a trip to dealz to pick up some art stuff that we could use such as glitter eyelashes etc. You can pick up some handy little things and so cheap too! After we got a rough idea of what we wanted to do, Julie gave us a demo on how to apply the bald cap. Once again she made it look so easy and explained every little detail for us. It looked so fun and interesting to do. Then it was our turn and needless to say there were many laughs had applying these bald caps. Lol. I did find it difficult at times such as around the ear and sticking the material down on the forehead and neck. It was just a matter of getting used to it and stretching it to fit the head. It takes a lot of practise for something like this but for our first time I thought everyone did so well and we certainly enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve found myself becoming more drawn to special effects since we have started it in the course and I’m loving it more each time. There are some things that are and will be tough to do but it takes practise and who doesn’t love a challenge?! As I’ve said before getting your shape and base is fine but I love colouring it in and I had so much fun with the design on the bald cap I did and everyone else’s was so creative. Next week we’re doing old age and I can’t wait to get into all the facial hair and moustaches and all that.

That’s all for this week

Lisa xx

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