So today marked the 2nd day of one of my favourite months of the year. Yes!! It’s that time of year again when kids dress up in black bin bags and Hocus Pocus is on the telly, but most importantly, it’s time to bring out the gory, creative and imaginative side in us mua’s. It’s the time of year we can walk around with a full blown skull on our face and cannot be judged! I follow lots of mua’s on Instagram and Snapchat and they have already created some incredible make up looks. Below there’s a picture of Shay Wakerley, last year’s scholarship winner and Emma Rooney, the QUEEN of sfx!!



So I’m very excited to come up with some new looks myself and get creative. It’s gonna get messy!! In class today we went through all the bones and muscles in the head and shoulders. Some of the words were so hard to pronounce lol. We got handouts to study and for our folder. We then went through our pre-cleanse routine to make sure we knew it inside and out. After that we had a test. Suffice to say we weren’t too excited about it but we knew it would be a great way to learn everything we had been taught.

Next week is the big week. The week we are all so looking forward to! We are starting special effects!! Just before Halloween and we are beyond excitement. It’s definitely a major interest of mine. I get so much enjoyment making someone look totally different. I just know that all the girls and myself will have such a good time working together with this. Will report back next week and let ye know how it goes.

Until next week…..

Lisa xx

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