Fairy-tale Makeup
In today’s class we got to be very adventurous with our make-up skills as we got to practise Fairy-tale make-up. Fairy-tale make-up can consist of lots of different looks such as blown out smokes, cut-creases, strong contour, different colours and lots and lots of glitter. There is so much inspiration out there between Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and films. In my opinion, when I think of Fairy-tale, I think of woodland creatures or forestry characters. There are some fantastic looks I have seen with models covered in nothing but moss and ivy!! But as I said there are plenty of ways you can put a spin on a Fairy-tale look.
                            So, we got straight into the class today and Melissa went around to each one of us and asked what we wanted to do and gave us advice on how to achieve our looks and gave everyone one to one attention. Everyone’s looks came out amazing! We also got a run through of one of our practical exams today that will be in June sometime. We must present a photographic makeup look within a certain amount of time and we practiced that today to get a good knowledge of how much time we’ll have to do each part. We’ll be well prepared for the exam!!
                                    Gorey Institute of Beauty also had their annual open day yesterday which I had the pleasure of doing a makeup demo alongside the very talented Shay Wakerley, Caitlin Black and Heather Minchin. Heather did a lovely glam makeup look whilst Shay did a special effect look and Caitlin did one of her amazing illusions. It was such a fun day learning from other artists. That’s one thing I absolutely LOVE about this industry, you never stop learning!!
Next week is a bank holiday so we won’t be in for that but the following week we are doing drag makeup and I cannot tell you how excited we are about this. I’m a big fan of Rupaul’s drag race and some of the makeup looks on that are outstanding so I’m very excited to learn about that!

That’s it for this week,
Lisa. Xx

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