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In today’s class we covered current makeup looks. We all took inspiration from very well-known people in the makeup world and put our own spin on it. Makeup nowadays can be from one extreme to the other, and all depending on your preference, there are people out there to suit everyone. Popular artists being talked about now are, Mitchell (Mmmmitchell on Instagram), Keilidh Cashell, Ellie Kelly, Nikkie Tutorials, Mario (Makeup by Mario on Instagram), Stacey Marie and last but certainly not least Plouise. There are plenty more artists I could include but I would be here forever! YouTube has become everyone’s best friend and makeup tutorials have become one of the most watched on it. That, and Instagram, are a great way of showing off your talent and connecting with other amazing artists.
Melissa started off the class with a demo and opted for a smoky eye look. She took inspiration from Mitchell as she had just been to one of his masterclasses. Mitchell's makeup looks can only be described as INSANE! His technique on blending alone would send shivers up your spine! Well that's how I feel anyway Lol! I also took inspiration from the King himself and so did a few others. We all had so much fun creating the looks. I really feel like as a class, we have grown so much, especially over the last couple of months. We have all improved immensely, and the love and support in the class is just phenomenal. I write this full of emotion, as today was technically one of our final classes with Melissa. Next week, we are doing our mocks, so we are all very nervous about that but with the help of each other, Melissa and Roisin we will fly it!! The following week is the bank holiday and the week after that is our final class before our exams. I just cannot believe how fast that year has went by.

That's is for this week.
Lisa xx

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